Texas Christian University | Registrars Office

Pass – No Credit Grading Option (revised for Spring 2020)

TCU Undergraduate Academic Policy changes for Spring 2020 in response to COVID-19: Students will be allowed to select an unlimited number of Spring 2020 classes P/NC. With some exceptions mandated by accreditation boards and state licensing bodies (in Harris College and the College of Education, for example), the usual restriction on electing P/NC in the student's major, minor, and associated requirements will not apply. You will have until May 15, 2020 to make this decision. Our Registrar’s Office is working on the change in my.tcu.edu; thanks for your patience. Although it might initially seem appealing to elect P/NC for all or many of your courses, there may also be unforeseen negative implications. Please be strategic about your choices and aware of implications for catalog requirements impacting issues like graduation GPA requirements, program GPA minimums, and future career and graduate school goals. Please note specific information from each college below:

  • AddRan College of Liberal Arts:

    Students may elect any class applying to their major, minor, or associated requirements on the P/NC grading basis. As always, it is highly recommended that students consult with their academic adviser before electing any class P/NC.
  • College of Education:

    Educational Studies minors and Youth Advocacy and Educational Studies (YAES) majors may elect P/NC for any and all courses enrolled in during the Spring 2020 semester. Undergraduate students seeking Texas teacher certification must consult with Shannon Cooper, COE Academic Advisor, for approval before electing any class P/NC due to accreditation and TAC state licensure mandates.
  • College of Fine Arts:

    Students may take any course P/NC for the Spring 2020 semester, including courses applying to their majors, minors, or associated requirements—except in cases where letter grades are required for certification through other colleges (e.g., the College of Education). Students wishing to pursue the P/NC option are strongly encouraged to discuss that choice with their faculty/staff advisors. Music and Art Education students should also confirm that choice with the College of Education.
  • College of Science and Engineering:

    Students who are considering P/NC in a course for the major, minor, or associated requirements should discuss that first with an advisor. Students in the Pre-Health Professions Program are strongly encouraged to discuss the implications of P/NC with their Pre-Health advisor.
  • Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences:

    > Students majoring in these disciplines may NOT elect P/NC for their major or associated requirements due to accreditation and state licensing requirements. Students majoring in Harris College may elect any class applying to their minor on the P/NC grading basis. Students must consult with their academic adviser before electing any class P/NC.
  • Neeley School of Business:

    For business students, you may elect P/NC for your lower and upper division business core requirements. First year students must still maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA to continue as pre-business. Current applicants to Neeley must still maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a 2.5 minimum LDR GPA to meet the contingencies for admission. If you are an accounting major, be aware that not all state boards of accountancy will accept P/NC. Accounting majors considering taking the CPA exam are advised to consult with the Accounting Department (Connie Lamirand, connie.lamirand@tcu.edu or Renee Olvera, renee.olvera@tcu.edu) before choosing the P/NC option for a class.
  • Bob Schieffer College of Communication:

    Schieffer College majors may wish to consult with their associate dean for undergraduate studies, Dr. Wendy Macias, if they have questions about electing P/NC this semester.
  • School of Interdisciplinary Studies:

    The School of Interdisciplinary Studies students should contact their advisors to address questions. SIS also recommends that students first check with their individual faculty members, who may be able to give them a better sense of where their letter grade stands in a class before making a decision about P/NC.
  • John V. Roach Honors College:

    Honors College students may elect P/NC in any spring 2020 Honors course and have the course count toward their Honors requirements (provided a P grade is earned). With regard to Honors College GPA requirements: Honors students must meet existing GPA benchmarks at the end of the spring 2020 semester in order to remain in good standing in Honors; to graduate as an Honors Laureate or Andrews Scholar, students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher at the time of graduation. Students should consult with their Honors College academic advisor if they have questions about how taking spring 2020 courses on a P/NC basis might affect their ability to meet end-of-year GPA benchmarks.
  • Please reach out to your academic advisor if you have additional questions.