Texas Christian University | Registrars Office

Removal of I-Grades

Grades of incomplete must be changed by 60 days into the next long semester after the incomplete was received. "I" grades received in the spring semester must be removed 60 days after the start of the fall semester. Actual deadline dates are posted on the Academic Calendar available on the Registrar's Home Page.

To remove an incomplete, students must come to the Registrar's Office, Room 18 of Sadler Hall, with a picture I.D. and request a "Removal of I Form." The Registrar Office personnel will complete the form with the exception of the grade and instructor's signature. The student then takes the "Removal of I Form" to the instructor. The instructor enters the grade earned and signs the form. The instructor then sends the form to the Registrar's Office or, if preferred, the student may handcarry the form back to the Registrar's Office. Removal of "I" grades are usually posted within 24 hours of receipt of paperwork. Current and cumulative grade point averages (GPA) are recalculated at time of grade change posting.