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Plus Minus Grades

We have received a number of questions about the TCU +/- grading policy (initiated by the Faculty Senate and approved by University Council). I hope to reduce confusion by s har ing answer s to the types of questions we are getting.

Q. Is TCU go i ng to +/ - grad ing and when?

A. Yes, TCU will implement +/ - grading this fall for all graduate students and for any undergraduate students who begin their degree program after summer 2007. Undergraduate students who beg a n their degree program before this fall will be grand fathered to the prior (A,B,C,D,F) grade system.

Q. That sounds complicated. How will it work?

A. It does sound complicated, but for students and faculty it will actually be fairly simple . Faculty can set up a grading system that applies to all students in thei r class (+/ - or not ... use of + / - grades is a faculty option not a requirement). When faculty report grades using the web based grade rosters each student will have +/ - grades as an assignment option . If the faculty member chooses to use +/ - , then the facu lty member can post +/ - grades for all students. For students who have been grandfathered, the +/ - portion will not be recorded as official grades, will not appear on the transcript and will not impact the GPA. For students who are eligible for +/ - grade s , the +/ - portion of the grade will be recorded as official, will appear on the transcript and will impact the GPA. Example for Undergraduate Students : Course Score Faculty Grade Transcript Grade GPA Student w/ Admit 89 B+ B 3.0 Prior to Fall 2007 New Student 89 B+ B+ 3.33

Q. Are faculty required to use +/ - grading?

A. No . Use of +/ - grades is a faculty prerogative. Whether using +/ - or not, faculty are always encouraged to include a clear statement of grading practice in their syllabus. Th is is probably even more important as TCU begins this initiative.

Q. Can a student decide whether they will be on +/ - grading?

A. No. This is not a student option.

Q. What are the cut-offs to determine where the +'s and –'s begin and end?

A. TCU is not supplying any suggested ranges for grading. This is a faculty prerogative. Some departments and/or colleges may want to establish a norm, but that is totally up to them.

Q. What are the quality points for grades?

A. The text below are taken from the catalog:

Undergraduate Catalog Text Grading.

The faculty definition of grades, and the point system designed to indicate quality of work, is as follows:

A 4.00 - Excellent

A- 3.67

B+ 3.33

B 3.00 - Good

B- 2.67

C+ 2.33

C 2.00 - Satisfactory

C- 1.67

D+ 1.33

D 1.00 - Poor

D- 0.67

F 0.00 - Failing

P -Passed Credit was awarded for the course

NC -No credit awarded for the course.

In all cases where academic policy requires a grade of C or better, a C- does not meet that criteria.

The same applies for "B" and "B-".

Graduate Catalog Text

Academic Rating System

The definition of grades and grade points is as follows:

A 4.00 - Excellent

A- 3.67

B+ 3.33 - Good

B 3.00

B- 2.67 - Marginal

C+ 2.33

C 2.00 - Unsatisfactory

C- 1.67

F 0.00 - Failing

Q.How long will we have students who are grandfathered?

A. Four years.